Friday, 13 Dec 2019

Online Marketing For Beginners

Online marketing otherwise also known as digital marketing is the way of selling products or any items to potential customers, using internet as medium for advertising and providing the benefits to the customer.

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Digital marketing is done by making a lot of strategies to advertise and find potential customer. The most used three types are email advertising, search engines and social media. In this article we explain about the three types of marketing.

Email Marketing:Image result for email marketing

1971, year the first email was ever sent. It was from then the companies and corporates are using email as the way to reach their potential customers by advertising their product via emails using the contact lists.

Anyone who has shoed interest and submitted his email id while visiting your website will be in the contact list. There are two types of permissions before exchanging the emails from the company to customer or vise versa. Implied permission and expressed permission. Implied permission is given when someone does a donation or transaction or purchase from you. Then the company will follow up to you with their products and advertising. Expressed permission is when the company asks the customer directly the permission before advertising or sending emails to you. 121 emails are received by an average office worker.

Search Marketing:Image result for search marketing

This is the most famous type of marketing. Search marketing is how you are reading this blog right now. Probably most of the online shopping you’ve done is due to search marketing. This works like this, when a person searches for some product on the internet, search engines like google or Bing or yahoo, which already has a complex algorithm to determine the top websites that will help you get the desired product. Keywords, back links and relevance are the most important factors that will help to advertise the page on top in results page.

Social Media Marketing:

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This is the latest type of marketing originated after Facebook got viral. The biggest two platforms now are Facebook and Instagram. There are organic and paid advertising in this type of marketing. Organic is by improving the reach and followers by posting unique stuff and paid advertising is done by paying the company to reach certain number of followers. In paid marketing we can also choose what type of audience should view our ads.

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If a newbie wants to start digital marketing or online marketing, he should start by hosting websites and improving its reach. There are many free blogging sites were one can start blogging and hosting websites like WordPress, Weeble, Wix and many more.

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