Friday, 13 Dec 2019

Pros and Cons of Digital Marketing


The marketing world is huge and the rules keep changing everyday. Digital marketing is something that can never get replaced come what may. Traditional marketing and digital marketing are very similar to each other but the approach is different. The main goal is to capture the audience’s attention. Before you step into the world of digital marketing, update yourself with the pros and cons,

Pros of digital marketing

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The best part about digital marketing is that you don’t have to shell out an enormous amount of money from your pockets. There are some platforms that can be utilized for free but you must be willing to put in some efforts in order to get the desired results. Digital marketing has the capacity to reach everywhere. There is no restriction to the scope of this activity. All you need is an internet connection to reach out to your customers. Digital marketing allows you to target a huge audience. It serves multiple demographics. The main advantage is that virtually everybody is online and can connect to the internet on a daily basis. Digital marketing is super fast. One post and one status update will get your brand to the top of a customer’s mind. It is responsible for establishing brand interactions. It depends on how well you find alternate solutions to the problems and your relationships with the customers. If you want to make a sale, then your services, marketing efforts and products must be exceptional. It gives you an opportunity to amplify your customer service as well.       

Cons of digital marketing

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According to the data, more than seventy percent of digital marketers have reported spending more than six hours a day on their marketing business. Basically it consumes a lot of time. There will be positive and negative responses irrespective of any field. Spammers will definitely try to destroy your brand’s reputation, therefore find solutions to deal with it. Digital marketing can sometimes just snatch away your control over your brand. It is a great thing if your campaign goes viral and ends up receiving unexpected exposure, but can be a bad thing if someone takes over your campaign and publishes cynical content about it and that in turn ends up going viral. The campaigns are extremely easy to copy, all one has to do is click on the information and the job is done. All your efforts go in vain. Remember to remain vigilant when you’re marketing online. In digital marketing first impression is everything. If your products aren’t taken seriously and the campaigning strategy is unprofessional, then you are doomed.


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