Top Ways to Market Your Startup

Moreover, the budget of a startup is low. Nothing compare to the crazy amounts that a corporation would spend on a yearly basis to spread the word. With this in mind, below you will be able to find some channels that will be able to fit your limited budget.

1) Have quality content. Writing an article, a press release or blog entries are the best way to start attracting new users. People love quality content.

2) Contact bloggers and/or journalists. Customers are truly great for spreading the word, however, they are not reliable persons who can write your press releases or get you coverage in the media. Getting your venture in front of the media is not a simple process. Try to find the names of the journalist form the major publications that cover stories from other companies that operate within your same sphere. Contact them an introduce yourself. Most likely they will not reply. However, if you update this person on the big milestones that your company accomplishes eventually they will start gaining interest and one they will end up featuring your business. Never give up!

3) Participate in universities and career fairs. Attend universities and events. Of course try to find your way to be a speaker where you could present to the students the type of problem that you are solving with your venture. Moreover, Career Fairs are good. Attend the ones that are near your headquarters. Word will spread quickly.

4) Networking. Networking with other people could be a great resource as well as a super low cost strategy to connect with potential customers. An example of great venues for networking could be for starters chambers of commerce, local businesses associations and websites. They can connect you to an ecosystem of members who are also looking for business opportunities aside from getting the right sources of products and services. When it comes down to networking, the best way to reach a large number of people is by engaging with social media.

5) Obtain great reviews. The number one and most identified factor in marketing success is a great product. People love success stories! If the delivered product is bad, people will right away write about it and talk about it. Great products are ones that are easy to use and self-explanatory. By coming quality products and outstanding services, an entrepreneur could market his startup more easily and simple. Remember to have great costumer support!

6) Create buzz. Buzz means “making your startup highly visible.” To get buzz, you need to be visible on the Internet, TV shows, blogs and big events. Tweeting, posting, and blogging are not enough. You have to get people talking about your product and your startup as much as possible. One of the quickest ways to expand your business at 0 expense, is by having an outstanding viral growth, where the word of mouth is the key ingredient.

7) Brand your product. Aside from coming up with great products, branding comes down to name, logo, slogan, etc. Branding is a good way of building the most important asset which credibility and reputation. It is also very important to spend time investing in researching on how to better define and build your existing brand.

8) Advertise. Advertising can be very expensive. It is critical to understand what advertising can and cannot do for the business or startup before. Advertising is essential as it triggers the curiosity of the public and attracts new customers. A good start can be Google AdWords. However, try to understand it as much as possible so that you get the right clicks for the amount of visits that you get in return.

9) Outsourcing to agencies. The most prominent advantage of outsourcing is the fact that it often saves money. A good way to start would be to outsource to an agency where they will take care of your marketing with the budget that you end up establishing. For example, big corporations would have entire departments taking care of advertisement. Of course you would not be able to accommodate such overhead. In this regard, it is better to hire an agency, where they will be working taking care of this at a monthly fee. By doing this you will be operating on fixed cost and you will not have to pay the salary of tons of people.


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